Sunday, January 01, 2012

Pet Trivia Answers

Answer to #1: President Coolidge's family had a raccoon named Rebecca. In the above photo, first lady Grace Coolidge holds Rebecca at the 1927 White House Easter egg roll. (Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.)

Answer to #2: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's beloved dog Fala was buried beside him at his estate in Hyde Park, N.Y.

Answer to #3: The Obamas adopted Bo, a hypoallergenic dog, because of daughter Malia's allergies.

Answer to #4: A photo of Herbert Hoover and his dog King Tut was widely circulated during his presidential campaign in 1928 and was said to have helped boost his popularity. (Photo courtesy of Herbert E. French/Library of Congress.)

Answer to #5: President Truman's family received a cocker spaniel puppy, Feller, as a Christmas gift in December 1947. When word came out that the Trumans didn't plan to keep the puppy, some people wrote the White House offering to adopt him. Feller ended up going to Truman's physician Brig. Gen. Wallace Graham.


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