Thursday, February 02, 2012

Family Theater

Want to watch a movie in style? Check out the White House family theater room! First built in 1942, some presidents have used it a lot while others only a little.

President Eisenhower loved westerns:
Dwight Eisenhower was obsessed with westerns. White House projectionist Paul Fischer's handwritten log showed he watched more than 200 of them in the course of his two terms. One of his particular favorites was the Gary Cooper film High Noon, but he would watch almost anything about cowboys—except any film starring Robert Mitchum, after the actor was charged with marijuana possession. Fischer said that Ike liked Mitchum films until Mitchum got in trouble with drugs. After that Fischer would sometimes try to sneak Mitchum films in the lineup, but as soon as Ike saw Mitchum was in it, the president would get up and walk out.

This site has some neat pictures and more trivia on presidential viewing choices!

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