Friday, March 09, 2012

Hairy Harry

Harry Truman with a mustache! This is one of only two known photographs of Truman with facial hair. Full details about this can be found at Facia Hair Friday: A Letter from Hairy Harry. It was written by Tammy Kelly of the Truman Presidential Library.

Here is an excerpt:

Harry wrote about his mustache as he was nearing the end of his training session at Fort Riley. In the letter, he writes about some of his friends from Kansas City who mailed him a letter written on an entire roll of toilet paper as a joke. As Truman writes, “It was the hit of the camp.” At the end of the letter, he writes: “I am all sun burned and have a right hefty mustioche, haven’t lost any money or spent any expect for the dinner. [Spencer] Salisbury owes me $9.00 and [Eddie] McKim $15.00, so you see I’m doing very well. Kiss my baby and write to your Harry.”

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