Monday, April 30, 2012

Coolidge’s Grave

This is my brother and his future bride in Vermont in last week. Remember when I posted on Plymouth Notch? Well, I still haven’t been, but they have now. As a note, it IS closed in the winter as they found out! My brother said all that was open was the cemetery! He was moaning about nothing ever being open for him – he has pretty bad luck on that issue!

Here are some directions from the second site I linked on finding the grave:
President Coolidge grave is kind of hard to find. There are no signs pointing the way to the cemetery. The road to the cemetery is less then a quarter of a mile from the Coolidge home. You will see a brown house (house color in October 2005). When you see the house, you will turn and go up the road about a half a mile or mile if that. Right across the road from the graves is a gravel parking lot that you can park in. The graves are very simple just like President Coolidge was. Where the graves are at, it is a very narrow area which made it hard for pictures (see Grace Coolidge to see narrow area).

This reminds me of my troubling finding the Polks and Tafts graves – got totally lost on both of them! Someone from the Parks' service actually took pity on my grandmother and I and finally DROVE us to Taft's grave in Arlington!

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