Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Cleveland Kids

So my trivia was easy - Esther Cleveland.  Want to find out more about President Cleveland's kids?  The public of the day ceratinly did!  The Cleveland kids were hounded by the public and press, was as Frances Cleveland, much like Jackie and her kids would be later!
Probably no prior presidential children were watched, followed, or written about as were Grover Cleveland's. The entire nation followed the Cleveland family, and the antics of the children growing up in the White House. Although common today, Cleveland's family was the first to receive this star treatment. Certainly, the advent of inexpensive newspapers, competition for readership, and the first newspaper chains increased the appetite for news of the children of the First Family.
And here's some information on Esther:
Esther Cleveland, 1893-1980. Esther is also famous, as the answer to a popular trivia question. Esther was the first, and to date the only, child of a president born in the White House. Esther did volunteer work in England during World War I, where she met her husband, Captain William Bosanquet of the British army. Bosanquet was an executive in the iron and steel industry. After her husband died, Esther returned to the United States and settled in Tamworth, New Hampshire.

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