Thursday, June 14, 2012

1960 Election Pictures

Time has a great selection of rare photographs from the 1960 election up. I just love the ones of JFK standing on the vehicles giving speeches!  They just crack me up!  Also all the open cars - definitely a different world now with security!  Almost a "grassroots" feel with all the car speeches when you look at these. 

This one is also cool because of the kitchen chair "podium" plus the toy gun this mentions:
While part of every candidate's retinue, security was simply not the pressing, public concern in 1960 that it would suddenly and necessarily become within a few short years. Here, seemingly alone in a crowd in Logan County, West Virginia, JFK speaks from a kitchen chair as, mere feet away, a young boy absently plays with a jarringly realistic-looking toy gun.

This also contains some pictures of the Nixon campaign and notes that Life actually endorsed Nixon!
It's easy to forget, after seeing the way that LIFE covered JFK during the campaign and, even more so, once he and his family gained the White House -- it's easy to forget that the magazine actually endorsed Nixon for president. (One example of the magazine's point of view: In the October 24, 1960 issue that featured the endorsement, LIFE pronounced Nixon "wise and compassionate enough to have made clear that the war on poverty and disease would be an American mission even if there were no Communist challenge.")

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