Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Watergate at 40

This article explores some of the "what ifs" 40 years after Watergate:
In the perfect hindsight of history, Watergate's "what ifs" are still tantalizing.
What if a security guard hadn't noticed tape on a door latch outside Democratic headquarters at the Watergate office building?
What if a calculating president hadn't taped his private words for posterity?
And perhaps most intriguing: What if Richard Nixon had simply come clean about the break-in and cover-up and apologized?

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Anonymous said...

Here is another what if: Apparently, the beat cop that was responsible for the area of D.C. that encompasses the Watergate hotel was getting drunk at a bar during the break in. When police received the break in report, they radioed him, he made up an excuse as to why he couldn't get there fast enough (car had low gas or something like that), so dispatch then radioed undercovers in the area. The undercovers arrived at the hotel, and did not arouse any suspicion to the lookouts. If the beat (uniformed) cop had responded in his squad car, the lookouts would have informed the assailants, and they may very well have gotten away.