Monday, July 30, 2012

Early Life of Mrs. McKinley

I just finished Ida Saxton: The Early Life of Mrs. McKinley, as well as reading all of the President at Home booklet I quoted in an earlier post. Since I give tours of the Saxon House, these have been on my "to be read" pile.  The booklet is pretty neat and a nice history of the house and McKinley's life there...if you plan on going to the house, this is a neat read.  Otherwise, well, not....I'll be honest.

Now the book...first, notice the link.  If you want this book, buy it through the NFLL. It was privately printed and so really this the only place you can find it.  It was privately printed for a reason...there just isn't much here.  There is no "meat."  This is mostly based on conjecture and based heavily on the little we know. For instance, there is a lot on their European trip because we have a bunch of letters.  For me, giving tours, this was a book I needed to read.  Unless you really care about Mrs. McKinley, this probably isn't the book for you.  It really deserved to be another booklet, not a book.  Supposedly, another part is coming....I'm not holding my breath.  

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