Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The President's 4th

Want to know what the president was doing on the 4th of July?  This site compiles what is known of each president's activities of the 4th of July's during their presidency.

I'm picking a random one to share - you can go check out your favorite!
Benjamin Harrison
1889- Harrison is in Woodstock, Conn., giving a traditional Fourth of July speech
1891- Harrison is in Cape May, N.J., vacationing
1892- Harrison spends "a very quiet and uneventful day [in Washington]. In the
morning he drives to the Monument Grounds with Secretary Halford to witness the
celebration there, returning to the Executive Mansion about 11 o'clock. He occupied his time
until the luncheon hour arrived by looking over his mail and going through some official
papers. In the afternoon he took a drive with Mrs. Harrison out into the country, away from
the noise and din of the city."

Happy 4th of July!  Although John Adams would disagree on the date.....

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