Friday, August 17, 2012

Arthur White House

The White House we know today is a product of the 1960s, but before that it changed with the administration.  When Chester Arthur moved in, he did a major renovation of the White House, including comission work by Louis Tiffany:
Louis Comfort Tiffany himself described some of the work done to the White House:

"At that time we decorated the Blue Room, the East Room, the Red Room and the Hall between the Red and East Rooms, together with the glass screen contained therein. The Blue Room, or Robin's Egg Room -- as it is sometimes called -- was decorated in robin's egg blue for the main color, with ornaments in a hand-pressed paper, touched out in ivory, gradually deepening as the ceiling was approached.

"In the East Room, we only did the ceiling, which was done in silver, with a design in various tones of ivory.

"In the Red Room, the walls were red with a frieze in which the motif was an interlacing of a design embodying both eagles and flags. The ceiling was in old gold.

"The opalescent glass screen in the hall, which reached from the floor to the ceiling, had also a motif of eagles and flags, interlaced in the Arabian method."

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