Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Top 5 Important Feats by Forgotten Presidents

So this is a list of important things done by forgotten presidents.  One of them was the Pendleton Act, which reformed civil service, by Chester Arthur:
Garfield’s Vice-President, Chester Arthur, hated his boss. He had no problem with senatorial courtesy and shady appointments; since he never was actually elected to anything, merely appointed, we can see why he was so cool with other people getting work the same way.
Then he became President and, much like a jerk in a Disney film discovers he has a son and quickly learns to love kids and everything about them, he did a complete 180 on the whole friends-appointing-friends thing. Arthur managed to completely overhaul Civil Service, and the way people got government jobs. Before his accidental rise to the top job in the land, most government jobs were given to friends, family, and political allies, regardless of skill, ethics, or lack of either. Crazy Uncle Roy made it a whole day without downing several bottles of ash liquor? Deputy Sheriff!
Arthur passed the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act in 1883, establishing a Civil Service Commission, which oversaw appointments for government jobs, and set up a merit system where these jobs were given based on ability, rather than connections. Thanks to Arthur, no longer can you blatantly give out jobs to cronies just because it beats having to pay them back those $20 you owe them. You’ll just have to give the out subtly and discreetly, which is much harder to pull off.

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