Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Nixon v. Kennedy Ads

So we are all currently being inudated by campaign ads and my US history class is currently discussing the 1960 election, Kennedy v. Nixon, so I thought I'd share some campaign ads from that election.  This website (which I've shared before) talks about all the ads. In our class, the two were were talking about were the ones that talks about experience.  This one from Kennedy uses quotes from President Eisenhower to try to show that Nixon's VP experience isn't that big of deal:

By contrast, this one from the Nixon campaign talks about Nixon's experience and how it will help keep the peace during the Cold War.

I've also done some posts a while back on things like LBJ's Daisy ad and early Eisenhower TV ads. Of course there are plenty more campaign related posts here if you want to explore!

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