Thursday, November 15, 2012

Young Adult Books

I happened to notice a couple of young adult First Ladies' books and thought I'd review these two series here quickly. 

This series, First Ladies, is easy to read and hits the high points.  They do a good job of hitting the key points without dragging into in depth detail, making it perfect for elementary readers.  This one is the one on Hillary Clinton and it was pretty good.  My only comment was the section on the impeachment trials....which never mention the affairs.  Okay, so I get it...hard topic with kids....but it was all over the really can't just ignore it.  This definitely written with elementary children in mind as that is how it reads.

This second series, is much more in depth as the title, Encyclopedia of First Ladies, lets on.  I wouldn't give this to an elementary school child, but it would be good for a middle school student.  There are plenty of pictures and some nice sidelines on the general time period to help readers understand the bigger picture. The one I marked is the Sarah Polk one.  It bugged me, the Sarah Polk fanatic, at times, but that's to be expected.  It still was pretty good and well suited for a middle schooler looking to write a biography. 

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