Thursday, December 06, 2012

Lincoln Movie

So have you seen the new Lincoln movie? I actually did go see it this week and really enjoyed it.  It is a very political movie, focusing on the passage of the 13th amendement. Definteily a differnet take on Lincoln and I think a good one. I like the general amostophere of hte movie as well as the portrayals of both Lincoln and Mary. I also like the realism they put into the warfare of the Civil War.  I think that's a good vision of the war to get out there as well.

It was a well research, well acted movie. There were a few things I found odd, but not enough to really pull me out at any time!  Check out the Lincoln Discussion group, but overall, they liked it as well, which is a big plus in the movie's favor!

Here is also an article (I found the link on the Lincoln Discussion group...really check them out if you haven't and are a Lincoln buff!) on the historical accuracy from a Lincoln biographer:
"There have been other movies about Lincoln," said James McPherson, a Civil War historian, Lincoln biographer and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "Battle Cry of Freedom," in a recent interview after seeing the film. "They tended to reflect a romanticized Lincoln, almost a mythologized Lincoln. This comes closer to reality. This shows Lincoln's exhaustion, his gauntness — and his storytelling."

There is also a Q&A with historians at the end on some points from the movie:
James Spader supplies a lot of the movie's comic relief as W.N. Bilbo, a lobbyist the White House enlisted to help pass the 13th Amendment. How realistic is the portrayal of his backroom deal-making?
It's overdone, but the effort to sway lame-duck Democrats through promises of patronage either for themselves or political supporters was basically accurate. Bilbo was a real person, but a certain amount of dramatic liberty is taken with the character. [Secretary of State William] Seward did use some New York politicians to carry out this effort, and in that respect there's a certain amount of accuracy.

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