Monday, January 21, 2013


Did you all watch the inauguration? If not, you can check it out here. I was actually at the Children's Musuem of Pittsburgh and they were even showing it in their theatre.  And no, I didn't make my two and five year old watch it.  I must saw that I agree with the hype on Mrs. Obama - she looked fabulous and I like the new bangs!

But I thought we all needed something fun - here are some odd inauguration tales!  Here's a fun one:
Dwight Eisenhower’s inaugural parade in 1953 included 62 bands, but the showstopper was California cowboy Monty Montana, who lassoed the new president.

Another fun little piece - here's the menu from Lincoln's second inauguration, which has the original bill of fare in it, with notes on the items that give more information.  I was looking at the ice cream section and you can see some odd flavors (I just delved into making homemade ice cream, so I'm interested!) to us.  The document explains about them:
Some of the ice cream flavors served, such as burnt almonds and maraschino, may not be familiar to modern diners—but they were standard during Lincoln's time. Fannie Merritt Farmer's original Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, published in 1896, contains a recipe for burnt almond ice cream. It calls for the same ingredients as caramel ice cream—cream, milk, sugar, an egg, flour, salt and vanilla—plus one cup of finely chopped blanched almonds.

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