Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Hoover Blanket

Mrs. Hoover was a dedicated knitter and a friend told me about this pattern of hers for a baby blanket.  I decided to do it as a doll blanket, which is what you see above:
"she was knitting a baby blanket on large needles. It was double, but united at the edges, and she was knitting both sides at the same time, one in one color and one in another. It was the nicest thing of its kind that I have seen, and I am very anxious to make one such for Christmas if I can get the "recipe".... I hate to bother Mrs. Hoover about it, but sometime if you could ask her if she has the directions around somewhere, I would appreciate greatly if one of you could send them to me..."
So begins the story of our Hoover blanket. This letter, from Therina Guerard Pearson of Berkeley, California, dated November 25, 1939, was sent to Bunny Miller, the personal secretary of former first lady, Lou Henry Hoover. Mrs. Hoover kindly responded to Therina and sent her a small doll-sized blanket as an example.
"My dear Therina:...I am sending you a little pattern to go by. And when you have gotten a little accustomed to doing it, you can make all sorts of variations and take short cuts very easily..."

This piece talks about various First Ladies who knitted as well!  This wasn't in there, but Ida McKinleyb was an avid crocheter.

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