Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dolley and Martha

The third episode covered Martha Jefferson and Dolley Madison. I saw they had Martha J. listed and I was wondering what they were going to talk about for 90 minutes, so I think putting her with Dolley (given Dolley often did hostessing for Jefferson) was a good idea.  I would have liked a little more on her and her daughters (who also did hostessing duty for Jefferson) than they had though. This was really all Dolley with 5 minutes on Martha J.  I think they could have spent more time on her life as well as her daughter's and how they came to help their father in Washington.  So that was disappointing. 

Most of the information on Dolley I already knew - most of what I didn't was early information. What I did find fascinating was the question someone asked about her letter to her sister as she was fleeing DC from the British and how we don't actually have that letter (she told someone about it and it was only quoted in an early biography) and the question of if Dolley "edited" history a bit.  They mentioned an article in the documentary on this that I have going to ILL and then I'll post here on what it says.  So you can look forward to that! 

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