Friday, March 01, 2013

Martha: A New Series

C-SPAN is a doing a documentary series on the First Ladies and the first one, on Martha Washington, was recently aired. I actually watched it online as you can as well. I was impressed with this, as it was 90 minutes and very in depth. They had two historians (of which one of their books is sitting on my own shelf) talking to the interviewer. They did a lot of on location shots, talking to historical sites, like Mt. Vernon or places with the capital while it was in Philadelphia.  For me, the on site pieces, got a little long, but I also get the valuable added ambiance they add, plus they are great advertisement for the sites (I'm a historical site junkie, you don't need to sell me!).  I definitely recommend watching this episode and I plan to watch the rest of the series (just set my DVR!).

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