Thursday, April 11, 2013

Harrison and the Tyler Wives

The First Ladies episode from the week before last covered Anna Harrison and the two Tyler wives.  There was actually more than I expected on Anna Harrison.  For instance, I didn't know she actually lived with her son and so her grandson, Benjamin Harrison, for awhile. 

On the Tylers, they covered both wives, which was nice. Julia got a little more coverage, but both were well done.  I really liked that they had interviews with Tyler's living grandson, Harrison Tyler, and his wife.  They told some neat family stories.  I really liked Dr. Edna Medford, one of the historical experts.  She really shared my opinion on John Tyler and the slavery issue (go back and read on my post on John Tyler).  They had a lot of letters from Julia Tyler as well as her opinion of her influence, which they saw as more in her mind.  They brought out what I already knew, which was that she came from a slave holding background herself.  This was a good solid episode, with a lot of great information and sources.

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