Friday, May 31, 2013

Presidential Reunions

It seems that the only gatherings we tend to see of former presidents are at funerals and library dedications!  This article actually talks about these dedication reunions and how they really showcase  them as a group.  I loved this information from the Carter dedication:
Part of what has made past Presidential Library dedications so memorable is the candid manner in which former rivals have offered praise to one another. At the 1986 ceremony for the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum in Atlanta, GA, then-President Ronald Reagan gave a speech that underlined the qualities of his predecessor. He opened by saying, “None of us today need feel any urge, in the name of good will, to downplay our differences. On the contrary, in a certain sense, we can be proud of our differences, proud because they arise from good will itself.”

Afterwards, Jimmy Carter began his own remarks by addressing President Reagan directly. He said, “As I listened to your talk, I understood more clearly than I ever did in my life why you won in 1980 and I lost.”

There are some fabulous group pictures in this article as well of the presidents and their wives together.  This is a great quote to end on:
Perhaps George Bush summed it up the best when he delivered remarks in honor of the man to whom he had lost the election in 1992. “There’s an inescapable bond that binds together all who have lived in the White House. Though we hail from different backgrounds and ideologies, we are singularly unique, even eternally bound, by our common devotion and service to this wonderful country.”

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