Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sarah's Fashions

We often think about fashionable First Ladies as someone like Jackie Kennedy or Nancy Reagan. But Sarah Polk was also quite the fashionable First Lady!  This article showcases her clothes and talks about her fashion - as well as she knew how to make her buck for clothes go a long way:
After their marriage in 1824 James and Sarah Polk practiced thrift, a habit that they carried into the White House, despite the high costs of frequent  entertaining and maintaining proper appearances.  The first lady developed dress patterns that she liked and then hired seamstresses to make them using elegant and expensive materials - velvet, satin, and silk - decorated with imported fringe, ribbons and lace.  She avoided frills and preferred solid colors that flattered her exotic dark hair and olive complexion. 

The article talks about Mrs. Polk's clothing choices, including her own seamstress a free black woman, and her order to Paris. Pictures of many of the dresses are included. 

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