Friday, June 14, 2013

CSPAN Catch Up

I am still watching the CSPAN series on the First Ladies  The first season just ended, so I am hoping to catch up here on my comments on them. 

Eliza Johnson
I liked the information on Martha Patterson and the updates to the White House.  There wasn't much here, but it was decent.

Julia Grant
I really enjoyed the information on Grant as a horseman and their youthful life.  This really brought both Julia and Ulysses to life a little more.

Lucy Hayes
This gave a great view of Lucy Hayes - really trying to move beyond the stereotype of "Lemonade" Lucy...which they interestingly said had no historical basis!  I also liked how they really talked about her animals and technology interests.  You should watch it just to learn about the pigeon  holes!

Lucretia Garfield
So, let's just start by saying I'm not a huge fan of Carl that is an issue for me and probably only me.  I really liked all the information on her education.  I loved this quote they bring up as well:
It is horrible to be a man. But the grinding misery of being a woman between the upper and nether millstone of household cares and training children is almost as bad. To be half civilized with some aspirations for enlightenment, and obliged to spend the largest part of the time the victim of young barbarians keeps one in a perpetual ferment.

Her final years in Pasedena are also interesting and I am glad they covered that as well.

Mary Arthur
There wasn't much here, but at least they did cover her and given Chester Arthur's short term and odd approach to having a hostess, it makes sense.

Frances Cleveland
First, I love Frances Cleveland and I've read Annette Dunlop's book on her (which I reviewed here), so I was excited about this.  My biggest comment was there was almost no coverage of her second term (which she was much less involved in) and her life after the presidency - that as well the last 20 minutes.  I did really like that they had a phone interview with her granddaughter, though.  That was pretty neat! 

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