Saturday, August 03, 2013

Still wrong....

You  might remember that I ranted on the HNN article on the 4th of July myths earlier. Well, this year, they put up the same article...still wrong!   Here is my transcription from the letter that started this all again.

Susan Boylston Adams Clark wrote a letter to Abigail Louisa Smith Adams Johnson (dated 9 July 1826), which she describes John Adams' last hours. This was among the remembrances:The family was all assembled in the Chamber, and as Thomas and myself were sitting on the bed we heard him whisper “Thomas Jefferson survives.”
That's my transcription of the photocopy they sent me, but her handwriting is actually pretty easy to read (it says don't reproduce, hence I'm not scanning in my photocopy, which would be pretty poor anyway with the double copy). So those as some of his last words have their basis in fact. Just saying.....

If you go back to my original post, you'll see I have more information on their deaths as well. 

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