Friday, September 20, 2013

Top 100 Speeches

Here is another one I just don’t think should be in the top 10 – Reagan’s speech on the Challenger explosion.
Here is an article on that speech and its background, as well as connections to other speeches:
On that day, Ronald Reagan at once connected with presidents of the past while setting the standard for what would be expected of future presidents: Give voice to Americans' shared grief at a moment of national tragedy, while showing the way forward out of that grief -- and, thus, giving some meaning to the calamity.

Tip O'Neill, who had been angered in the Oval Office by what he saw as Reagan's cavalier attitude toward those without jobs, later wrote that he had seen the worst of Reagan, and the best, in the same day. "It was a trying day for all Americans," O'Neill wrote in his autobiography, "and Ronald Reagan spoke to our highest ideals."

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