Friday, November 01, 2013

CSPAN First Ladies is Back!

The CSPAN series on the First Ladies restarted this fall, but if you have been trying to watch it on TV, you know there has been a lot of preemptions due to the government shutdown mess.   I have been watching most of it online because what my DVR is taping often isn’t the show!  Anyway, hopefully, I will get myself caught up and CSPAN can actually manage to air the episodes!

Edith Roosevelt
I like Edith Roosevelt and I thought this was a nice portrayal of her. I was glad they didn’t spend much time on Alice (who I don’t like).  I appreciated how they talked about how she professionalized the office of First Lady as well as how she managed the Secret Service, really almost behind Teddy’s back. 

Nellie Taft
I felt they really ran out of time on Nellie.  There were many things they glossed over that I would have liked more time on.  They focused more on the typical topics and spent almost too much time on those.   I think they gave a good portrait of a First Lady who isn’t well known yet was very political active. 

Wilson wives
I actually learned a lot here on Ellen Wilson.  She was much more active than I really knew and this is where I felt this program shined in that it brought to life Ellen for me, who is often overshadowed by the more well-known Edith.  I liked how they talked about her art as a career.   I also liked the materials they brought on Wilson’s stroke from his doctors.   All the talk about Wilson’s love letters, too, helped to give me a new view of him as well.

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