Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ellen's Window

Chester Arthur was a widower when he became President.  He had this window installed in his wife, Ellen's, memory at St. Johns Church in Lafayette Square:
He paid for the installation of a memorial stained-glass window at St. John’s Church, her childhood parish, which stood directly across Lafayette Square from the White House. The window was installed in the south transept of the church. With the lights left on inside the church at night, the illuminated stained-glass could be glimpsed from the second floor private residence rooms of the White House. In fact, President Arthur moved his own bedroom from the traditional presidential suite on the west end of the house facing the South Lawn, to the suite on the west end facing the North Lawn (where the current private Dining Room is located) and the church across the square, enabling to see it from his room.
The window, as you can see, depicts, angels of the Resurrection

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