Saturday, April 05, 2014

Lincoln's son and College

So we all worry about college entrance exams, but imagine you are Lincoln's son.  In 1859, Robert Todd Lincoln failed his entrance exams to Harvard and had to go to Phillips Exeter Academy to improve his academics.

So what happens to Robert?
Robert Todd was accepted into Harvard in 1861, his father now in the White House and the country embroiled in war. At school, he was an average student with an active social life. But he rarely got letters like the one his father wrote to Latham. "I do not possess a single letter written by my father," the president's son said later. "When I was in college he was, of course, too much occupied to be writing me, except very rarely; and it never occurred to me then to keep those letters." 

The thing that "too much occupied" President Lincoln was, of course, the Civil War—not the best time for Robert Todd to be sending home mediocre grade reports. 

Despite all the heartache over admissions, the young Lincoln became a Harvard graduate in 1864, proving that even college rejections aren't the end of the world.

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