Sunday, November 09, 2014

Eisenhower on D-Day

This article asks the question of what did Eisenhower actually say to put D-Day into action.  Eisenhower himself didn't remember, and no one can seem to agree what he said. What would seem like it should have an historical send off really doesn't.  So what does this mean?  It comes down to Eisenhower's own character, according to this article:
There is no memorable quote, in other words, because of Eisenhower's good old-fashioned Kansas modesty.  He did not have the kind of ego that spawns lofty sentiments for the press or posterity Ike was a plain speaker from the plains of America's heartland...Eisenhower's self-effacing character is also revealed in his other D-day words, words he never intended anyone to hear.  The words show he was far more concerned with taking responsibility for failure than with glorying whatever success crowned D-day.

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