Monday, June 22, 2015

FDR Visits Alaska

I actually read this article in the "real" paper last fall and am just getting around to posting it.  This talks about the fishing he did while in Alaska.  He didn't visit much of the state during this 1944 trip.

When I think of FDR and Alaska, I actually think of his New Deal program which sent colonists to Alaska in 1935 from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.  The reason is that two of those colonists were my great-grandparents.   My grandmother was six months old when she arrived with them. 

Monday, June 08, 2015

American Experience: FDR

So I've been on a history documentary kick and thought I'd try to get some posts up about them.  I recently watched the American Experience on FDR.  I really haven't seen an American Experience I didn't like and this was no exception  I really learned quite a bit about his early career (like he ran for VP in the 1920s!) or how and when he got polio.  I guess I somehow thought he got it as a kid and it just didn't incapacitate him until later (yes, my medical knowledge...not so great!).

I thought this did a great job of talking about Eleanor and her contributions as well.  I really enjoyed the segment on the lead up to WWII and how he was trying to push the nation into supporting Britain.  I also thought they dealt with the infidelity issue well - it is there, but not out of proportion. 

I've actually already put some of the bonus videos that are on the PBS website into my required reading for my modern US class about the lead up to WWII. 

I definitely recommend this documentary, whether you like FDR or not.