Thursday, June 09, 2016

The Harding Car

We were in Fairbanks last weekend (okay, we live in Alaska...this wasn't a special trip!) and took the kids to Pioneer Park and got to see the Harding Car
This is the car that Harding rode in while in Alaska to drive the spike for the Alaska Railroad. This is actually pretty anticlimactic - you can't get in it and there is like nothing in it.  Definitely not worth a trip to see, but if you are in Fairbanks like we were, it is worth a pit stop. 
This article, which rehashes the Alaska trip plus brings up the various theories on his death is more interesting.  I've heard most of the various theories, but honestly never paid much attention to the shellfish theory, so I thought I'd share that here:
The touring party members had been eating shellfish during the entire sea voyage, going and coming. But it was two days out of Sitka that the President first complained of sharp abdominal pains, but suffered no vomiting. Shellfish was suspected. But in hindsight no one could remember how the crabs had been delivered or by whom. And no one else became ill although many of the party had eaten crab.