Wednesday, August 07, 2019

American Sphinx

I finally finished  American Sphinx by Joseph Ellis.  I love pretty much everything that Ellis has written so I gave this a try even though I do not like Thomas Jefferson (I realize that might make some of you crazy, but I don't.).  

Well, it took me forever to get through this book as I kept putting it down and I still don't like Jefferson. Actually I think I like him less now.  

Like all of Ellis' books, this is well written and researched.  I love that he always has thorough endnotes.   I liked how Ellis addressed how Jefferson has been appropriated by many movements he probably would despise.   

If you want to know more about Jefferson and want to try to understand him better, this is a good book for that.  I would say I definitely feel I know Jefferson better, having read this.  That said, that makes me like him less.  You can go read it and judge for yourself!

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